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Baccarat Guide for Novice

Baccarat Guide for Novice


There are two types of Baccarat in online casino, the commission and non-commission baccarat.

Commission Baccarat - the house will charge a 5% commission on any winning bets placed on Banker, but no commission charges on winning Player bets due to Banker's hand has slightly higher odds of winning.

Non-Commission Baccarat - no charge any commission, payout is 1:1 for both winning bets on Banker and Player but if Banker wins with a total of 6, winning bets on Banker will only get paid half of the amount wagered.

The baccarat game have three common bets, Banker, Player or Tie. A tie result is when both the Banker and Player hand have the same total number of points, all bets wagered on Banker and Player will be returned. As for those bets wagered in Tie, they will get to win 1:8 payout. The gameplay of baccarat is very easy which you need to guess one out of three possibilities (Banker, Player or Tie) in the game.

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